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<d:navigationTree xmlns:d="">
<d:collection name="autonweb"/>
<d:doc id="2" label="Home"/>
<d:doc id="3778" nodeId="people" label="People">
<d:group id="faculty" label="Faculty">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='faculty' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:doc id="2" label="Auton Lab Home"/>
<d:group label="Private Access">
<d:link url="" label="Auton Intranet"/>
<d:doc id="16080" label="Status Page"/>
<d:group id="about" label="About Us">
<d:doc id="3778" nodeId="people" label="People"/>
<d:doc id="16618" label="Research Spotlight"/>
<d:doc id="16605" label="Research Thrusts"/>
<d:doc id="19701" nodeId="projects" label="Projects"/>
<d:doc id="18363" nodeId="sponsors" label="Sponsors"/>
<d:doc id="16847" label="Jobs"/>
<d:group id="library" label="Library">
<d:doc id="14719" nodeId="animations" label="Animations"/>
<d:doc id="3779" nodeId="papers" label="Papers"/>
<d:doc id="16592" nodeId="talks" label="Talks"/>
<d:doc id="16594" nodeId="techreports" label="Technical Reports"/>
<d:link url="" label="Tutorials"/>
<d:group id="tutorials" label="Tutorials">
<d:query q="select name where documentType='Tutorial' order by name"/>
<d:group id="postdocs" label="Postdoctoral Fellows">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='postdoc' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group id="gradstudents" label="Graduate Students">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='grad' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group id="associatemembers" label="Associate Members">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='assoc' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group id="undergraduates" label="Undergraduates">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='undergrad' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group id="analysts" label="Analysts">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='analyst' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group id="programmers" label="Programmers">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='programmer' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group id="interns" label="Interns">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='intern' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group id="affiliatedfaculty" label="Affiliated Faculty">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='aFaculty' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group id="affiliatedstudents" label="Affiliated Students">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='aStudent' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group id="alumni" label="Alumni">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='alumni' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group id="friends" label="Friends">
<d:query q="select name where $personRole='friend' order by $personLast, $personFirst"/>
<d:group label="Publications">
<d:doc id="3779" label="Papers"/>
<d:doc id="19771" nodeId="videos" label="Videos"/>
<d:link url="" label="T-Cube Web Interface"/>
<d:doc id="3807" label="Software">
<d:query q="select name where documentType='Software' order by name"/>
<d:link url="facetedBrowser/tags" label="Browse"/>
<d:group id="downloads" label="Downloads">
<d:link url="" label="Download Registration" id="registration"/>
<d:doc id="15961" nodeId="datasets" label="Datasets"/>
<d:doc id="3807" nodeId="software" label="Software"/>
<d:group id="contact" label="Contact">
<d:doc id="14753"/>
<d:group id="admin" label="Admin Pages">
<d:doc id="9789" label="New Users"/>
<d:doc id="16463" label="Accepted Users"/>
<d:doc id="16464" label="Rejected Users"/>
<d:link url="facetedBrowser/tags" label="Browse Auton Content" id="browse"/>
<d:group id="help" label="Auton Help Pages">
<d:query q="select name where documentType = 'AutonDocument'" filterVariants="false"/>

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