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NameShort descriptionActions
Active Model FittingActive Model Fittingshow
Add-GP-UCBMatlab implementation of Additive Gaussian Process Optimisation and Banditsshow
AFDL (Activity From Demographics and Links)Predicting activity of entities from linkages between entities and their demographicsshow
Bayes Net LearnerThis program learns Bayesian network structure from categorical
cGraphCGraph is an algorithm to quickly learn a graph-based model of the underlying connections of a set of entities given link
convertUtility to convert between various file formats used by the Auton Lab
convert_csv2fdsConverts a CSV file into Auton Lab FDS
Cuevas CFF ClusteringCuevas uses the 2-step CFF algorithm to perform clustering against a noisy
Dense Association RulesThis program efficiently searches for high scoring association rules given dense
Dense K Nearest NeighborThis program performs fast dense K Nearest Neighbor
Dense Logistic RegressionThis program performs fast dense Logistic Regression
Dense Naive Bayes ClassifierThis program performs fast dense Naive Bayes Classifier
Direct Robust Matrix Factorization (DRMF)Matlab code for direct robust matrix factorization and its use for video background
Fast ClassifiersA collection of fast classifiers including knn, aknn, naive bayes, decision tree, and logistic
Fast EM ClusteringRapid Learning of Gaussian Mixture Models from large
Group Anomaly Detection SoftwareMatlab code of probabilistic models for group anomaly
If-EstimatorsNonparametric Estimators using Influence Functions in Matlabshow
k-groups/GDAThe group detection algorithm (GDA) finds underlying groupings of entities given a set of observed links and demographic
Level Set DetectionCode supporting the thesis work of Dr. Brent Bryanshow
lr_trirlsThis is a logistic regression implementation using our truncated regularized iteratively re-weighted least squares (TR-IRLS)
Many Names One PersonThis program will identify the most likely aliases for a given query name, using a semi-supervised learning approach. The program will then ask the user to confirm the validity of these most likely
MDP and Reinforcement Learning Visualizationshow
Nonparametric Divergence EstimationC++ and pure Matlab implementations of nonparametric divergence
nptN-point Spatial
SBNS Screen-based Bayes Net Structure search. A computationally efficient algorithm that performs Bayes Net structural learning from a very large binary
Scan StatisticsA fast implementation of scan statistic search for spatial overdensities. Our goal is to find rectangular regions where the count (e.g. number of disease cases) is higher than expected, given the underlying population
Simple kd-TreesThis program constructs a kd-tree from the contents of an input dataset of k-dimensional vectors, and then performs nearest neighbor searches within the kd-tree using query points from a query
Simple kd-Trees Source CodeThis package contains source code for the simkd kd-tree
Source Code: Maximum Margin Output CodingMulti-label Output Code using Canonical Correlation Analysisshow
Source Code: Multi-Label Output Codes using Canonical Correlation AnalysisMulti-label Output Code using Canonical Correlation Analysisshow
Sparse K Nearest NeighborThis program performs fast sparse K Nearest Neighbor
Sparse Logistic RegressionThis program performs fast sparse Logistic Regression
Sparse Naive Bayes ClassifierThis program performs fast sparse Naive Bayes Classifier
Support Distribution MachinesC++ package to classify sample sets from
TCWI (T-Cube Web Interface)Front end for interactive visualization, navigation, and analysis of multidimensional time series datashow
VizierOld but fast locally weighted regression for
WSAREThis program takes as input a date-indexed biosurveillance data stream such as Emergency Department data, and looks for recent strange
XGDA LearnThe XGDA Learn software takes link information as input, and learns groups, subgroups and friends (i.e., most likely collaborators) from that link
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