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The software on this site is available for free to researchers at academic institutions (universities, schools and government research labs). It is also freely available to users in commercial organizations and companies for internal, non-commercial purpose only. Use in a commercial company for research or evaluation is allowed.

Parties interested in obtaining the right to use this software for purposes outside the above outlined limits should contact

In order to obtain Auton Lab software, we request that you provide information about the research organization, commercial organization or public health organization you belong to. Requests which do not identify the organization you belong to will be denied. We will review your request and email a password to you within 2 to 36 hours if you are approved.


Before being sent the code the researcher must agree:

  1. To only give code access to the designated "code users" specified in the download form.
  2. Not to sell the code to other parties.
  3. Not to sell software built with portions of this code to other parties.
  4. Not to give away the code to other parties without written permission from the Auton Lab
  5. To acknowledge the Auton Lab and the listed code authors in any academic publications that have made substantial use of the code.


  • Do not abbreviate your organization name, unless you provide its web address.
  • Organization types must match the organization name.
  • Use only your academic or company email address.
  • Do not use your ISP or free web based email account such as GMail, Hotmail,, AOL, Comcast, or others.
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The information provided on this form is used solely by the Auton Lab to keep a breakdown of the numbers of downloads of our tools in industry, academic and government sectors. This information helps in deciding which areas of research to follow and in obtaining funding from sponsors.

Please make sure you follow the form requirements listed above. Any incorrectly completed applications must be denied.

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