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Artur Dubrawski

Artur Dubrawski considers himself a scientist and a practitioner. He has been tainted with real world entrepreneurial experiences. He had started up a successful company specializing in integration and deployment of advanced control systems and technological devices. He had also been affiliated with startups incorporated by others: Schenley Park Research, a data mining consultancy and a CMU spin-off, where he was a scientist; and Aethon, a company building robots to automate transportation in hospitals, where he served as a Chief Technical Officer. Artur returned to CMU in 2003 to rejoin the Robotics Institute's Auton Lab. He works on a range of applied computer intelligence endeavors, and he teaches data mining and business intelligence to graduate students at the CMU Heinz College School of Information Systems and Management. In his previous academic life, he pursued machine learning approaches to mobile robot navigation and control, and other applications of adaptive autonomous systems. Artur received a Ph.D. in robotics and automation from the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, and a M.Sc. in aircraft engineering from Warsaw University of Technology. In 1995/96 he spent a year at CMU as a visiting Fulbright scholar. In January 2006 Artur Dubrawski was named the director of the Auton Lab.

“I am interested in intelligent systems that work, are useful, and make economic sense, and in finding ways to effectively build and deploy them. My work is driven by real-world applications, currently in the areas of public health, food safety, nuclear safety and health of equipment. It involves researching new machine learning algorithms and data structures to facilitate probabilistic modeling, predictive analysis, interactive exploration, and understanding of data.”

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