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Jeff Schneider

Dr. Jeff Schneider is an associate research professor in the Carnegie\ Mellon University School of Computer Science. He received his PhD in\ Computer Science from the University of Rochester in 1995. He has over 15\ years experience developing, publishing, and applying machine learning\ algorithms in government, science, and industry. He has dozens of\ publications and has given numerous invited talks and tutorials on the\ subject.

Dr. Schneider was the co-founder and CEO of Schenley Park Research,\ Inc. (SPR), a company dedicated to bringing new machine learning algorithms \ to industry. Later, he developed a new machine-learning based CNS drug\ discovery system and spent a two-year sabbatical as the Chief Informatics\ Officer of Psychogenics, Inc. to set up and commercialize the system. Through \ his work at CMU and his commercial and consulting efforts, he has worked\ with several dozen companies and government agencies including ten Fortune\ 500 companies, and groups from around the world.

“My research is in learning, optimization, data mining, scheduling, robotics, and intelligent control. I am also interested in related areas including navigation, manipulation, vision, and other types of sensing. My efforts are focused on the application of these methods to real-world scientific, commercial, and government problems.”

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