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Talks and Poster Presentations
Participants who give talks are also expected to attend their posters during at least one of the posters sessions. The talks scheduled for oral presentations on Monday and for tracks A and B on Tuesday will have their posters attended on Monday's poster session. The rest of the posters will be attended on Wednesday. Please feel free to set up your poster as soon as convenient. The stands in the Wiegand Gymnasium will be available starting Sunday afternoon. Posters should be taken down before 9am on Thursday. Poster Placement

Posters will be organized in Wiegand Gymnasium in the University Center, based upon the day, session and track of the oral presentation associated with the paper, according to the given figures.

To determine the general location of an individual poster, please refer to the Session Schedule, to determine during which day, session and track the particular oral presentation is scheduled to be given. For instance the paper “The Support Vector Decomposition Machine” is scheduled for Monday during the first session in track A. This corresponds to the code “M1A” in the figure above, or the bottom left of the figure above. Notes on the poster boards will direct you as to which particular section you should place your poster in, once you get to the correct poster board section, based on the day, session and track information described above. Please note that the colors in the figure above indiciate which day you are expected to man your poster.

Talk: Leveraging Multidimensional Autocorrelations to Boost Sensitivity of Spectral Anomaly Detection\\

Award Received by Maria De-­Arteaga for this talk.
Authors of Paper: Maria De-­Arteaga, Artur Dubrawski, Peter Huggins
DNDO Annual Academic Research Initiative Grantees Conference, 2015.

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