The Auton Lab

Developing Artificial Intelligence for practical solutions to real world problems


The Auton Lab has devoted some of its efforts and knowledge to analyzing the threat and spread of the COVID-19 "coronavirus" pandemic, in the hopes of helping to provide rapid response to those victims suffering from it, and to avoid similar problems in the future. Please see our COVID-19 page for resources made available for this.

Research Focus Areas

The Auton Lab is interested in the underlying computer science, mathematics, statistics and AI concerning detection and exploitation of patterns in data

Key People

The Auton Lab is directed by Artur Dubrawski, Jeff Schneider, and Barnabas Poczos, but many people contribute to its success.

Founding Faculty

Andrew Moore Head of AI, Google

  • Interested in building probabilistic models efficiently and in developing data structures that make machine learning very scalable and fast.

Core Faculty

Artur Dubrawski Research Professor, CMU School of Computer Science

  • Interested in researching new machine learning algorithms and data structures to facilitate probabilistic modeling, predictive analysis, interactive exploration, and understanding of data.

Core Faculty

Barnabas Poczos Associate Professor, CMU School of Computer Science

  • His research interests lie in the theoretical questions of statistics and their applications to machine learning, computer vision, astronomy, and bioinformatics.

Core Faculty

Jeff Schneider Research Professor, CMU School of Computer Science

  • His research is in learning, optimization, data mining, scheduling, robotics, and intelligent control. Additional areas include navigation, manipulation, vision, and other types of sensing.

Events and News


(July 12 2021) CMU spinoff Marinus Analytics won third place in the IBM XPrize for their work on counter-human-trafficking! Marinus Analytics has worked closely with the Auton Lab in the past in developing their methodology. See the full story on the CMU News Site.